A GLOBAL poverty charity is calling on the public to “bag up your books” to donate to its city centre flagship stores.

Oxfam hopes to keep the shelves of its Durham charity book and music stores full of diverse titles for visitors to the reopened Elvet Bridge premises, after the easing of lockdown restrictions.

It is urging people having a “post-lockdown clear-out” to donate once-loved music and books to replenish the stocks.

Small donations can be made by dropping bagged books and music off in white baskets at the front door.

People making larger donations should ring ahead, to arrange a drop-off, before 10am.

The shop’s new seven-day reopening times are 11am to 4pm but it hopes to extend it to 7pm, with the help of local student volunteers.

Any student who can volunteer for three-hours on any day is asked to contact the shop, via oxfamshopf0406@oxfam.org.uk, or by ringing 0191-384 7440.