The Labour candidate for Tees Valley Mayor has tested positive for Covid-19.

Jessie Joe Jacobs posted a video on her Facebook page, saying that her sister, mum and niece who she lives with all have tested positive.

She said: "I thought that I'd come through it, but I've now tested positive for Covid as well and it means that the next 10 days that I had hustings organised I had door knockings, I've got Keir Starmer who was visiting me on Thursday we were going out to community and meeting businesses, will all have to be postponed."

The mayoral election is due to take place on May 6 - in just over two weeks.

Ms Jacobs said: "When my colleague said how do you keep on fighting I recollect everyday the people's lives I'm fighting for, for those children who don't have carpets on their floor or food in their fridges or beds in their bedrooms. I have seen people who have gone through so much worse than what I've gone through.

"I don't know how ill I'm going to get my family have been quite poorly."