CLEVELAND Mountain Rescue team came to the aid of an injued walker on the Cleveland Way this weekend.

The call-out on Saturday was their second of the day for the team and the fourth in less than 24-hours.

They were contacted shortly before 4pm on Saturday by North Yorkshire Police with a report that a male walker had sustained a serious leg injury after falling on the Cleveland Way.

He was roughly midway between Lordstones and Wain Stones and an off-duty doctor was helping the man and a Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) crew were en route.

A Team Land Rover was deployed to get as close as possible to the scene, together with some team members using their own 4x4 vehicles.

Having got as far as they could drive, they then walked along the Cleveland Way up to the scene carrying their rescue equipment.

On arrival, together with a YAS paramedic, they stabilised the injury and provided pain relief for the injured man.

The casualty was then ‘packaged’ in a vacuum mattress and casualty bag, placed on a mountain rescue stretcher and carried by team members a few hundred metres across hilly, difficult terrain until they reached their Land Rover ambulance.

He was then transported back along farm tracks and transferred to the waiting YAS ambulance for onward transport to hospital.