A MAN on bail for breaking into student digs went on a “one-man crime spree” while homeless and hungry.

Despite being subject to a suspended prison sentence for theft of a charity box from a pub, Warren Kennick forced his way into rented property occupied by a Chinese student, in Grove Terrace, Langley Moor, near Durham, in the early hours of September 23, last year.

Durham Crown Court was told the undergraduate woke at 5.30am to see the intruder in his bedroom, repeatedly saying: “Where’s Jamie?”

Anthony Pettengell, prosecuting, said the concerned student jumped from the first-floor bedroom window, going to a nearby address to report it to police.

When police arrived Kennick had gone, but it was noted a window was broken, with a chisel lying nearby, while all that was taken were two surgical masks and two brioche buns.

The student, who the court heard has since returned to China, injured his feet jumping from the window.

Mr West said after being arrested Kennick was bailed following a magistrates’ court appearance.

But a week later he went on a shoplifting spree, during which he assaulted two store staff, causing minor injury, took a woman’s car while under the influence of cannabis and when arrested also attacked a police officer, kicking him twice in the shins.

Kennick, 35, of no fixed address, admitted burglary plus ten further offences arising from the shoplifting spree in Langley Moor and Brandon, on December 4.

Mark Styles, mitigating, said the background to the offending was homelessness, plus problems with drink and cannabis.

Mr Styles said Kennick broke into the house merely looking for somewhere to sleep and something to eat.

“As for the chaotic events on December 4, he had no means of support and his offending spiralled out of control.

“But, he does have a problem with aggression when on substances.”

Judge Ray Singh told Kennick that despite being offered the opportunity of the suspended sentence last year, he carried on offending.

The judge said he could not understand why Kennick was granted bail after committing further offences, including the burglary.

“It’s a catalogue of errors. You were allowed your liberty and just short of two months later you went on a one-man crime spree.”

He imposed a 27-month prison sentence and banned Kennick from driving for three years and two months.