MEMORIES 514 visited Seaton Carew, where an aerial photograph showed the wooden rollercoaster built in the 1940s by a German company, Schippers & Van der Ville. It was a figure-of-eight ride which was demolished in 1965 and replaced by a Scottish-made Mad Mouse rollercoaster.

Bob West had one of the last rides on the Mad Mouse before in 1976 it was moved to a park at Felixstowe in Suffolk.

“I took my two boys for a ride on it only the once (the wife refused emphatically),” he remembers. “The front car was in the shape of a mouse. There was no health and safety. The noise from the track was horrendous and I cannot recollect even been strapped in, but what a laugh and what a relief it was to get off. Someone out there must have a snapshot?

“Sadly the Mouse and fairground are long gone and replaced by a boring car park.”

Once the Mouse had departed, the Fairworld pleasure beach remained open until 1991. Although it didn’t have a rollercoaster, it did have a ghost train, a flying squid, dodgems and the Astroglide giant slide.

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