A PROGRESS report is to be given on the restoration of a long-time neglected medieval manor house and priory.

Beaurepaire, or “beautiful retreat”, was a former manor and 13,000-acre walled estate, attached to Durham Cathedral priory before the Reformation.

It provided supplies for the priory but was also a rural retreat for the cathedral monks.

The estate, which gave the name to the nearby village of Bearpark, was repeatedly pillaged by Scots’ raiders, including King David’s army prior to its defeat at the Battle of Nevilles Cross, in 1346, and during the Civil War of the 1640s.

It became an unofficial quarry and the ruins, despite being granted Grade II-listed status, have suffered neglect and vandalism.

Restoration began in 2018, led by ex-Durham University archaeology student Rebecca Watkins’ community interest company Dream Heritage and local volunteers.

She will deliver an update on the restoration at an online talk organised by the City of Durham Trust, on Thursday, April 8, at 7pm.

Links for the talk will be available by email from zoom@durhamcity.org by Wednesday, April 7.