A TRANSGENDER woman stabbed two men in a jealous rage after finding them in a ‘compromising position’.

Susan Cuthbert flew into a drink and drug fuelled rage when discovered a former partner being intimate with her current partner.

One of the victim's spent 22 days in hospital but has still to fully recover from the injuries he suffered last September, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, said Cuthbert had been in a brief sexual relationship with a man, who goes by the name of "Gemma" but it fell apart on New Year's Eve 2019.

She then introduced 'Gemma' to her next door neighbour who she was having a sexual relationship with.

Trouble flared when her two lovers then got together in the Brotton High Street home of one of the victims.

The Northern Echo: Susan CuthbertSusan Cuthbert

Mr Dodds said a violent confrontation erupted in the kitchen before Cuthbert followed them into the living room and stabbed them both with a kitchen knife.

The court heard how the defendant called another friend via social media to tell her what she had done and showed her the weapon she had used.

The neighbour sustained stab wounds to his abdomen, causing injuries to his bowel, while the other victim suffering a deep laceration.

Mr Dodds said police were called to the address and discharged a Taser to enable her arrest.

In police interview, Cuthbert said she had "caught them at it but had little recollection of what had actually happened.

Cuthbert, of High Street, Brotton, east Cleveland, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Stephen Constantine, in mitigation, said his client accepted fully responsibility for the incident despite her limited recollection of events due to her drug and alcohol intake.

He said: "She describes her own actions as appalling, she appeared to be remorseful and ashamed and was described as being upset that should could have committed such a serious crime."

Judge Howard Crowson sentenced her to five years and four months in custody at a male prison.

"You introduced both men and they it seems became close. Naturally there became some tension," he said.

"Whatever had taken place had made you angry, the argument it seems became more than an argument, it became violent."

The judge said one of the victim's was still struggling to recover from the attack.