A KILLER and sex attacker serving a life sentence caused almost £25,000-worth of damage to prison cells over a six-week period.

Scott Sorby was given a minimum 24-year tariff when sentenced for the murder and attempted rape of a 94-year-old woman after breaking into a care home, in January 2011.

The then 20-year-old assailant battered the defenceless woman and dragged her into her bathroom, where he continued the attack as he also tried to rape her.

She later died in hospital from pneumonia brought on by her ordeal.

The judge sentencing him at Bradford Crown Court, in February 2012, after Sorby admitted the offences, told him he committed a “truly dreadful” act against the frail victim, describing him as, “damaged and dangerous”.

Sorby, now 30, came before Durham Crown Court for three counts of criminal damage, committed in top-security Frankland Prison, on the outskirts of the city.

Appearing via link from Full Sutton Prison, York, where he is now serving his sentence, Sorby admitted all three charges.

Jonathan Harley, prosecuting, said a prison officer heard banging from Sorby’s cell, on January 25, last year, and on speaking to him was told he wanted to be placed in the segregation unit.

He was granted his wish, but overnight “extensive damage” was discovered to furniture in that cell.

Mr Harley said Sorby was again moved, but on March 8 extensive damage was caused to that cell in the unit.

David Birrell, for Sorby, said it may be many years before he applies for parole.

He described the offences as “impulsive”, committed in, “frustration at conditions”, within the prison.

“He’s a man who struggles with change. There is an outstanding autism assessment and he has other mental health issues.

“Following the final offence, he had something of, ‘an epiphany’, and no longer engages in these incidents”

Judge Ray Singh told Sorby he has, “an appalling" list of previous convictions, culminating in the murder.

The judge noted Sorby has further offences of causing damage in prison on his record, from 2015, and an assault two years later.

He disagreed the cell vandalism was “impulsive”, saying it was, “quite clearly pre-meditated”, costing the taxpayer almost £25,000 to rectify.

But he said said there was, “very little” the court could do, given Sorby is serving a life sentence with years remaining before the Parole Board can consider if it is safe to allow his release.

He imposed concurrent 12-week sentences for each of the three offences.