A DRUG driver who crashed into a garden wall claimed she was driven off the road by a Range Rover following her, a court heard.

Police were called to an address in Chester-Le-Street in August last year following reports that a car had crashed into a front garden.

Officers arrived to find Sharon Williamson beside a Peugeot 206 which had been driven through a hedge and into a wall.

Saba Shan, prosecuting at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates' Court, said: "The residents of the property heard a loud bang and on looking outside saw a red Peugeot had crashed through the hedge and come to a stop on the driveway, causing substantial damage to a wall.

"Police were called and when they arrived they saw this defendant next to the car shouting at the driver of a Range Rover, saying 'you were chasing me' repeatedly.

"Officers suspected the defendant to be under the influence of drugs and she was arrested and taken to the station."

A sample of blood taken from Williamson found two drugs in her system, including amphetamine.

The 46-year-old pleaded guilty to driving without a licence, driving without insurance and driving whilst unfit through drugs.

David Malone, mitigating, said his client was taking a number of prescription drugs for several health problems and had no idea how amphetamine came to be in her system.

He added: "She tells me the people in the Range Rover were driving aggressively towards her, and that they effectively drove her off the road."

Williamson, of Aldridge Court, Ushaw Moor, was given a community order for six months with an electronically monitored curfew for 12 weeks.

No costs were awarded due to Williamson already owing £1,755 to the court.