SO often the North-East is lamenting how it has been forgotten about on Budget Day.

Desperately searching through the small print to find any tiny detail of a policy that will make a real difference to our region.

Yesterday, the polar opposite happened. This was a North-East Budget.

Whether through job creation from a freeport for Teesside, to a crucial part of Government now being in Darlington, this appears to be a real shift in mentality away from a south-focused government.

Of course, it is vital yesterday’s announcements are put into practice and result in proper levelling up that benefits all communities.

And, with Covid recovery only just beginning, there are going to be some very tough times ahead.

But the Conservative Tees Valley Mayor and Teesside Tories were elected on the promise of change and ensuring our region was listened to in Westminster.

With the help of a Chancellor still happy to splash the cash, a step has been taken towards our region being reborn as a powerhouse.