IN yesterday's Budget Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, announced that Darlington would be the new base for hundreds of Government jobs in the new Treasury North.

During his Budget speech, Mr Sunak said: "I'm launching the first round of the levelling-up fund today.

"Along with other critical economic departments including Business Energy and Industrial strategy, Department for International Trade and MHCLG - Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government - we will establish a new economic campus in Darlington - redrawing our economic map means rebalancing our economic investment."

But where will these 750 employees be working?

The Northern Echo understands that when Treasury employees initially move to Darlington, they could be housed in Feethams House.

The building, which offers first class office space, is the project of Darlington Borough Council with the support of funding from Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen. It is currently being used to help with the vaccine roll out in Darlington.

Once the Treasury is established in Darlington, a new permanent building is being touted in Central Park, close to the National Horizon Centre and CPI, although no final plans have been agreed.

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Speaking about the announcement yesterday, Peter Gibson MP for Darlington said: "I'm on top of the world. You go into politics to make a difference and change for the community.

"People put their trust in Conservatives for four years and then future trust was put in us in 2019 when we elected five Conservative MPs. There was a lot of skepticism on what we would achieve - Ben Houchen, myself and Rishi Sunak proved how amazing you can be - levelling up the North East.

"The Treasury jobs are a game-changer, it's significant that civil servants will be shopping in the same shops, eating in the same cafes and bars, their children will be attending our schools.

"Over time we will see the opportunities opening up for people who live in our community. It will be a complete transformation of the Tees Valley.

"I would like to see the Treasury base in the town centre - parking is free for visitors."

Feethams House is a £8.5m office complex completed construction in May. The five-storey building is situated in the town centre.

Subsea firm DeepOcean, has signed an agreement to take 7,000sq ft of space across the whole of the top floor, while talks are continuing with other potential tenants.

Construction on the building, was funded by Darlington Borough Council, the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority and the European Regional Development Fund.

The building is currently being used as a vaccination site during the Covid pandemic.

Central Park is home to the CPI development near Bank Top station.

There is said to be space before the university building.

This would benefits staff by being situated near to train station.

Central Park is a 30 hectare brownfield site, between Haughton Road, Yarm Road, Hundens Lane and the railway line.

Darlington Borough Council have said they aim for the area to be created into a mixture of residential, commercial and educational developments to encourage job creation and economic growth.