Hang in there, it's nearly the weekend.

And to help get you through we've got our top telly picks for this Thursday, March 4.

It's a veritable feast of holidays, pooches, bad comedy...oh, and Piers Morgan.

Here's our picks of the day...

Luxury Holidays: How to Get Away This Year

Luxury Holidays: How to Get Away This Year

Luxury Holidays: How to Get Away This Year (C4, 8pm)

After the grimmest of winters, many of us are desperate to go on holiday in 2021, but how, when and where do we go? Sabrina Grant investigates whether a proper break will be possible this year, looking at where we may be able to visit once restrictions are lifted. She meets families who are desperate for an escape and explores the options for taking a luxury trip both at home and abroad. From high-end staycation destinations that are off the beaten track, to cruises, this programme offers expert advice on what to look out for when you book, and how to protect your money. As well as the measures holiday companies are putting in place to keep holidaymakers safe during the pandemic, there’s the all-important information on how quarantines and new variants could change holiday plans throughout the year.

Sheridan Smith with her canine host Stanley

Sheridan Smith with her canine host Stanley

Pooch Perfect (BBC1, 8pm)

After seven weeks of fierce competition, we discover the identity of the nation’s top dog groomer. But before judges Colin Taylor and Verity Hardcastle make their final decision and host Sheridan Smith announces the winner of the Golden Stanley trophy, the three contenders must prove they can execute one of the toughest challenges in the industry – a continental clip on a standard poodle. Then in dogology, they’ll need to identify the breed of dog while blindfolded before, for the final dogwalk, they’ll parade their pooches with a groom fit for the red carpet.

This Week on the Farm (Channel 5, 8pm)

The pressure is on Rob and Dave to find the right animal for the job as breeding season approaches for their Kerry Hill sheep – but will they find their Ram-eo? Yorkshire Vet Shona Searson pays a visit to put Ted the Highland bull to the ultimate test as she decides if he’s suitable for breeding. Meanwhile, JB Gill continues his love affair with the best of British produce when he helps harvest some parsnips. Another Yorkshire Vet, Julian Norton, goes on a journey to produce a very special cheese. And Rob and Dave take a day away from the farm to visit a nearby coal mine.

Stand Up & Deliver (C4, 9pm)

In this concluding episode, our five brave celebrities are doing some last-minute comedy cramming, with just 24 hours to go before their big gig, in support of Stand Up To Cancer. Judi Love coaches Curtis in improvisation, Nick Helm teaches Sayeeda how to make a strong first impression, and Jason Manford is still struggling to get his protégé Shaun to remember his act. Meanwhile, Katie attempts to harness her nerves and Richard remains reverent when his mentor David Baddiel tries to push on him a joke with two swear words in the same sentence. Then, punchlines are fluffed and one act is deemed so offensive they get booed. But one standout celebrity has the last laugh and proves their intensive training has paid off.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (ITV, 9pm)

Back in 2012, Rupert Everett branded Piers Morgan “slobby”, “elephantine” and “pathological” when he recalled working with him on Comic Relief Does The Apprentice. It seems the duo have now put their differences behind them, as Everett becomes the latest celebrity to join the GMB host for an intimate chat about his life and career. They will discuss the caustic comments the actor and director has made about several co-stars, including Madonna and Julia Roberts. He also talks about the promiscuous life he led in the 1970s and 1980s, the impact of the HIV/Aids crisis, and his romantic relationships with women.

The Yorkshire Ripper’s New Victims (C5, 9pm)

With 2021 marking the 40th anniversary of Peter Sutcliffe’s arrest and conviction, this feature-length programme promises to provide a new perspective on the crimes of the Yorkshire-based killer. It reexamines his infamous murders and attacks on lone women, focusing on Sutcliffe’s ‘forgotten victims’ and asking whether he took any dark secrets to the grave when he died in November 2020. The film also asks whether police officers ignored some of the victims’ ordeals – leaving Sutcliffe free to carry on killing.