TWO women who carried out a violent, sustained attack using a hammer and scissors – which left their victim covered in blood – have been jailed.

Christina Youll and Amanda Donoghue launched the vicious assault after a simmering feud erupted into extreme violence.

The friends had spent the evening drinking and smoking cannabis at a house party in Middlesbrough when a neighbour arrived to join in the fun.

Within minutes of his arrival the victim was battered with a hammer by Youll before they both started kicking and stamping on the man.

As he lay on the ground covered in blood Donoghue grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed in the leg twice.

Teesside Crown Court heard how they then dragged the man to his nearby home and banged on the door to get in but his partner saw him covered in blood and called the police.

Martin Towers, prosecuting, “He believes he was hit with a hammer six or seven times, he says believes because he never actually a hammer, but said it was a hammer because it felt like a hammer.

“He describes being stamped on by both of the defendants and says whilst he was laid on the grass under attack from both defendants Miss Donoghue stabbed him in the leg twice using a pair of scissors.

“They took him to his partner’s house and demanded she open the door but she didn’t and when she saw him covered in blood she called the police.

“He thinks that the attack lasted about 20 minutes.”

Mr Towers said forensic analysis of blood found on the footwear of Youll showed she had kicked him when he was already bleeding from his injuries.

The Northern Echo: Amanda DonoghueAmanda Donoghue

Donoghue was charged with possession of a knife from another incident in Hartlepool when she was spotted getting into a taxi by CCTV operators who alerted the police and she was arrested when she arrived at the destination.

He said Donoghue had 104 offences on her record including robbery, battery and supplying Class A drugs.

Youll had 29 offences on her record including ones for common assault and fraud.

Robert Mochrie, representing Donoghue, said his client had suffered post traumatic stress as a result of her relationship with notorious double-murderer James Allen.

"She is someone who has quite clearly led a chaotic adult life after falling in with the wrong crowd," he said.

“She deeply regrets her actions now and in sobriety is horrified at the injuries that the victim sustained.”

The Northern Echo: Christina YoullChristina Youll

Ismael Uddin, mitigating for Youll, said drink and cannabis were the cause of the violence but she was beginning to turn her life around as she was due to become a grandmother later this year.

He added: "It appears that due to a longstanding feud and a combination of drink and drugs led to these offences."

The Recorder of Middlesbrough Judge Paul Watson QC jailed both women, Wynyard Mews, Hartlepool, for 16 months.