A PROUD dad has talked about the part he and his teenage son played in helping someone in distress on a York bridge.

Seventeen-year-old Lucas Carlin, a student at York College, was walking near Clifton Bridge at about 9.30pm on Sunday (Feb 21) when he noticed a person on the wrong side of the railings who didn’t look well.

His dad Gary, who has been a volunteer with York Rescue Boat for six years, said Lucas walked a short distance away and called him for advice.

Gary said the family live nearby in Clifton and he immediately got in his car.

“I wanted to make sure my son was ok, given what he’d seen,” said Gary.

“I picked up my car keys and jumped in the car and met up with Lucas he took me to show me the spot. I drove level and started talking to them, the person was facing away towards the city centre, but they started talking to me. I texted my wife, Dawn, from my lap while I was talking to see if she could raise the alarm.

“My rescue boat training kicked in and I just kept chatting to the person to try and keep them safe and calm; more than anything building a relationship with them.”

Gary said it wasn’t long before the police, fire, ambulance and York Rescue boat were all on the scene and Dawn arrived to take Lucas home while Gary stayed on.

The person was eventually helped back over the railings to safety by police and was taken away in an ambulance to be looked after.

Gary, who works for an electricity and plumbing wholesaler, said: “We are extremely proud of Lucas. Talking about what you would do in that situation is completely different to actually doing something and he handled it amazingly. Even now he doesn’t believe he has done anything other than just make a phone call to his dad and played no part in it.”

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