A SERIAL burglar has received a longer stretch behind bars after answering for a further break-in, committed prior to the offence for which he is already serving a sentence.

Kyle Mawson, 34, was jailed for two-years and almost five months at Durham Crown Court in September for the burglary of a property in Ferryhill where there was a confrontation with the returning householders in which he came off, “second best”, on August 16.

He was back at the court for a plea hearing for another burglary, also committed in Ferryhill, but a fortnight before the offence for which he is now serving the sentence.

The charge, that he broke into the property in Hawthorn Road, with intent to steal therein, on August 4, was put to him and he pleaded guilty.

Chris Baker, prosecuting, said the property was subject to fire damage in late July and so the resident had to leave the boarded-up premises.

He returned with a friend to check on the building, on August 4, and they noticed some of the boards pushed to one side on the lounge window.

Mawson was seen jumping out of the window and claimed he had come to see the householder.

As he appeared intoxicated, the resident escorted him away from the premises and Mawson then ran off from the scene.

Mr Baker said Mawson, previously of Bessemer Street, Ferryhill, was arrested two days later and made no replies to police questions.

The court was told he is a three-strike burglar, with convictions for domestic break-ins dating from 2008, 2009 and 2014, plus last year.

Mark Styles, for Mawson, said any sentence imposed could not be made consecutive to the jail term he is now serving.

“In essence it will start today, and it’s estimated his earliest release date on licence on the existing sentence will be October 29, this year.

“He’s had the good sense to plead guilty.

“There has been a delay in the case coming through from the magistrates’ court and he has been moved around the prison system in the intervening period and it’s been difficult to arrange a conference.

“But, clearly in this case, nothing was stolen and no-one was there at the time.”

Recorder Darren Preston said it was an “opportunistic” break-in and, “not the most serious burglary.”

But he added: “I’m aware you have an appalling record, including many offences of burglary and theft.”

Recorder Preston imposed a three-year sentence, which he estimated would extend Mawson’s time behind bars by ten months from the term he is already serving.

He added that it would have been a four-year sentence had Maswson denied it and been convicted after a trial