ATLANTIC rower Jasmine Harrison is on target to earn her place in the record books this weekend by becoming the youngest woman in history to row alone 3,000 miles across the ocean.

After capsizing, narrowly avoiding an 800 ft long tanker and being tracked by sharks 21 year-old Jasmine from Thirsk is due to reach Antigua on Saturday, around 70 days after she set off from the Canary Islands .

Of the 21 boats in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge with between one and five crew there are only two left to finish. Jasmine is second last but she doesn't care. Her mother Susan who has been supporter in chief from home in Thirsk said she is just so pleased the finish line is in site.

She said: "She's really motoring now, doing 63 to 64 nautical miles a day, she has under 250 miles to go and is due to get there on Saturday.

"I am so proud and so relieved, I will be very very happy when she crosses that finish line.She has taken it all in her stride she went in with her eyes absolutely open. She attended all the courses and the training. She was expecting a lot, she has had a lot thrown at her but she's nearly there."

And after jumping through many pandemic restriction hoops Susan is going to Antigua to see her daughter finish. She added: "It is quite challenging to get there, you have to abide by lots of rules, but I will just be over the moon to see her. I know she is relishing these last few days, now that she can see the end is in sight, it's still hard going but it's amazing.

"She is really sad that other friends and family couldn't be there, but it's not possible. She is planning to come home and hopefully eventually we can have a celebration. So many local people supported her and sponsored her and she is really grateful to them. It has been challenging it wasn't a light hearted decision and I think some just thought when they heard what she was planning yeah yeah that's not going to happen, but it has and it's brilliant."

The latest obstacle has been wading through hundreds of yards of Sargassum seaweed, from the legendary Sargasso Sea, which forms massive rafts in the ocean and almost looks as if Jasmine has already landed. But the lone rower has taken that in her stride too refusing to let anything come between her and the record books. Jasmine is raising money for Shelter box and Blue Marine Foundation.