A DARLINGTON pair are set to be opening a local competitor to Just Eat early next month.

Darlington Eats is being set up as a direct competitor to Just Eat and will have it's own app and website launching on the February 9.

The service is promising to half commission prices for local restaurants offering a seven-point-five per-cent of commission as opposed to Just Eats' 14 - 22 per cent commission.

Jake Cobbold, one of the founders of the service, said: "We got the idea from a place called Barrow-in-Furness, It’s actually a franchise, we know a friend that started it up there, and he had a friend who owned a pizza shop and he was just sick and tired because Just Eat gouged the prices for commission fees.

The Northern Echo:

"“I brought in the franchise with my business partner Callum and we just decided to do it in Darlington, make it a local thing to help business and save them nearly £600 to £800 a week on Just Eat fees.

“Because we offer them low commission fees they can afford to put their prices down so the locals can afford to have some food, and we will offer promotions and discounts to the restaurants that we pay off our own back, like a 10 per cent discount code that the restaurants don’t have to pay, we pay all that for them, it’s good to help locally.