WE'RE going back in time to see how Bishop Auckland town centre has changed over the decades. 

Delving through our archives, we've picked out four pictures of the town's landmarks in a bygone era and compared them to today.

Do you remember going into the former Co-Op on Newgate Street, or perhaps popping into the legendary (and still here) Gregory's Butchers?

Using our interactive slide tool with your mouse, see how time has changed the town with our pictures comparing then and now.

1. The Market Place pictured as it was on June 9, 1964, showing one of the town's few private schools - it is now the Fifteas Vintage Tearoom

2. The Co-Operative on Newgate Street pictured in November 1967 - it is now sadly largely an empty row of shops

3. Clarendon Motors on North Bondgate in 1986 - it has now been replaced with shops and offices

4. Gregory's Butchers in Newgate Street, a Bishop institution, established in 1850 - the butcher now only occupies half of the premises

*Due to formatting on some devices, white gaps may appear between each interactive picture