A SCORNED man set out to “maximise distress and humiliation” to his former partner after she ended their “on/off” two-year relationship.

Shane McAloon bombarded his ‘ex’ with scores of messages and phone calls, some from her land line after twice breaking into her home when she was out.

He also tried to photograph her in the shower and sent her a picture of himself performing a sex act while holding her underwear in her bedroom.

Durham Crown Court heard that when she did return home she found a chair under an open bathroom window, apparently used by McAloon to gain access.

Her previously tidy bedroom was covered with her clothing, while she found a knife on her bed pillow and a can of lager from which McAloon appeared to have been drinking during his earlier intrusion.

Penny Hall, prosecuting, said a mobile phone left on charge in a bedroom was also missing.

It was reported to police and McAloon was arrested.

His phone was seized and found to contain the image of him in the woman’s bedroom.

McAloon outlined to police where he claimed to have been when alleged to have been in his former partner’s home, but he did admit sending her emails and photos, although he refused to give details of the content.

He claimed she had given him her phone to be repaired.

Despite making “no comment” replies when further interviewed the defendant, aged 30, of Deneside, Spennymoor, admitted a charge of stalking at a plea hearing in November.

The court heard from the victim of the huge mental health impact the offending had on her, causing her anxiety and panic attacks, while she has also taken medication to help her sleep.

Due to the offences she has moved home, given up her job, and no longer has trust in people, particularly men.

Stephen Hamill, for McAloon, said at the time of the offences, in 2019, McAloon was drinking heavily, taking illicit drugs, mixed with prescription drugs for anxiety and depression.

But he said McAloon is now “appalled and disgusted” at his actions and has since kept away from his former partner.

Imposing a three-year prison sentence, Judge Ray Singh told McAloon: “You pursued a course of conduct calculated to cause harassment, alarm and fear, intending to cause maximum distress and humiliation.”

He made McAloon subject to an indefinite restraining order, forbidding him contacting or approaching his former partner,.