A DRUNKEN row resulted in a man causing serious facial injuries to his own father after a reconciliatory night out descended into violence.

Kyle Wood flew into a rage and went 'ballistic' when he believed he was being threatened by his father.

Teesside Crown Court heard how his victim was forced to jump out of an upstairs window to escape the protracted assault.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting, said the drunken row flared on February 5 last year after the pair had been drinking in Guisborough.

He said: "The offence arose out of a drunken argument the defendant had with his father.

"He delivered a number of to his face, he accepts three times, and he broke a number of bones in his father's face."

Mr Newcombe said the pair had both drank to excess before returning to the father's home where they argued.

"The complainant has no recollection of what happened next," he said. "The neighbours heard him making threats to his father.

"The neighbours then saw the complainant in a bloodied state and watched him escaped from an upstairs window."

Mr Newcombe said Wood told police he had gone 'ballistic' and attacked his father in self defence but accepted he had gone over the top.

The court heard how the victim suffered fractures to his nose, eye socket and cheekbone as well as a cut above his eye.

Wood also used his father's bank card to pay £110 for a train ticket to enable him to go home following the violent row.

Despite the injuries he suffered Wood's father told police he would rather see his son get treatment for his drug problem than be sent to prison for the assault.

Wood, of Blenheim Road, Bradford, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm and theft.

Stephen Constantine, in mitigation, said the pair had met up in an attempt to repair their damaged relationship but trouble erupted when they were in drink.

He added: "The tragedy of this is what set out to be a reconciliation parted the two, for what I would assume, to be a long time."

Mr Constantine urged the judge to follow the victim's request and not immediately jail Wood for the attack.

Judge Howard Crowson passed a 14month prison sentence, suspended for two years for the sustained attack but in what might be regarded as 'excessive self defence.

He said: "You were under the influence, to some degree by drink, your father appears to have some sympathy with your position and he certainly doesn't want to feel responsible for you going to jail.

"He wouldn't be, if you went to jail of course, it would be you who was responsible."

Wood was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work, attend 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days and pay £110 in compensation to his father to cover the train ticket cost.