A COUPLE whose wedding date faced many hurdles finally tied the knot despite current Covid challenges.

Victoria and Tea Campbell, from Dipton, Stanley, were married on October 6, 2020, at Durham Registry Office, in County Durham.

The reception was held in High House Farm Brewery, in Newcastle, where the couple said they shared laughter and enjoyed seeing family whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The couple were originally keen to get married at the end of 2018, but Tea was diagnosed with cancer, and the wedding was put on hold.

Victoria said: “Tea had stage three ovarian cancer, so she had a full hysterectomy followed by chemo, and lost all of her hair – she really wanted to have her hair back for the wedding, so we put it back a year to give her hair time to grow back.”

The couple then aimed to get hitched in August last year, but were faced with the challenges of Covid-19, and once again the wedding was put back.

Victoria added: “After everything that we’d faced, we decided we wanted to do a quick small wedding in October.

"We wanted to have 40 guests when we first planned the wedding before Covid, but ended up having 15 people, which was the maximum we could have at the time.

“With Tea being from Sweden, we couldn’t have any of her family there, because they haven’t been allowed to travel due to Covid, so that was a strange feeling.

“We were lucky to have the most beautiful weather - I think my favourite part of the day was walking out of the registry office and doing a big cheer.

“As we weren’t allowed to have anyone in the registry office, we instead met everyone at the restaurant, and I think seeing the people that we love there was the highlight of the day.”

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