A NORTH-EAST car garage has been criticised for "blocking" a major road between Durham and Sunderland in what has been described an "accident waiting to happen."

O'Connor's Garage in Sunderland has been accused of "inconsiderate and dangerous" parking as residents claim customer and company vehicles are left parked on double-yellow lines.

The garage, which is located on the Durham Road section of the A690, has been allegedly seen parking several vehicles outside the premises, with some blocking one lane of the carriageway completely.

Pictures taken by residents earlier this week appears to show a number of vehicles illegally parked, with one showing a company-branded vehicle causing an obstruction.

The Northern Echo:

Cars are routinely seen parked on double-yellow lines, according to residents Picture: CONTRIBUTOR

Mark Stephen, of Durham Road, described how cars approaching the adjacent junction are "forced" to make a last minute manoeuvre into the right-hand lane.

He said: "Everyday the garage is open, there's cars parked in the left-hand carriageway of the road, meaning cars and buses have to change lanes last minute.

"The cars in the picture don't belong, or are associated, with any other businesses as they are currently closed - they're even parking in front of them.

"It's just unbelievably inconsiderate and dangerous, it's a major arterial route between Sunderland and Durham and they are obstructing part of that without a care in the world."

The Northern Echo: Picture: CONTRIBUTORPicture: CONTRIBUTOR

Mr Stephen, who has lived in the area for the past decade, accused Sunderland City Council of ignoring residents' concerns.

'This is an accident waiting to happen'

He said: "The council are aware of it, I know a lot of us (residents) have sent complaints to them in the past.

"The traffic wardens are aware of it, they come round and they don't ticket the cars, they just poke their heads in the garage and ask them to move the cars.

"The garage staff take the cars round the block until they're gone and then bring them back, everyday.

"I think it's just too much hassle for them to do anything about it - but this is an accident waiting to happen."

Urging Sunderland City Council to take action, Mr Stephen said he believed that infrastructure to prevent illegal parking should be installed.

He said: "The council seriously need to think about putting in bollards or fencing along the edge of the path, like there is on the other side of the road, to stop this from happening."

In response, a spokesperson for Sunderland City Council said: "We are aware of the issues raised and the council regularly checks for parking contraventions in this area of Durham Road.

"We would like to take this opportunity to remind drivers and highways users that they have responsibility under the Highway Code to park correctly, considerately and legally."

  • The Northern Echo contacted O'Connor's Garage but did not receive a response at time of publication.