NOVEMBER was a turbulent month for the nation as a second national lockdown was introduced.

However, this wasn’t a deterrent for some criminals and trouble makers as 4814 crimes were reported this month.

However, compared to last’s figures the number of crimes reported have decreased by nine per cent.

This latest data from the Durham Constabulary also shows that the most reported crime this month were violent and sexual offences (1583) followed by anti-social behaviour (1194).

How many crimes were reported on a street near you? 

On the other end of the spectrum, robbery (13) and vehicle crime (163) were reported less frequently in November.

According to the data, Front Street in Chester-le-Street was the street with the most amount of crime reports in November; 41 incidents were reported here.

The most reported crimes on this street related to anti-social behaviour.

Station Road in Stanley (40) and North Road in Durham (28) also received a large amount of crime reports.

In terms of burglaries, the street with the most reports was Mendip Avenue in Chester-le-Street, where six burglary reports were made.

Not far behind is Station Road in Stanley with four reports.

Out of the 4184 crimes reported in County Durham in November, 3.3 per cent are awaiting a court outcome.

In 809 of the reported cases no suspect has been identified and a further 1561 are still under investigation.