A TOWN has suffered two acts of damage to its green spaces.

The incidents occurred in Newton Aycliffe and are being treated by police as separate, unrelated incidents.

The incidents occurred on the night of Tuesday, December 29 and the early hours of Wednesday, December 30.

Considerable damage was done to several Great Aycliffe Town Council areas.

The damage was done by a vehicle riding around the town from Warren Plantation to Woodham Park, Woodham Burn and St. Oswald's walk.

A fence at the bottom of Burn Lane was also badly damaged.

Durham Police confirmed that there are two separate incidents being investigated.

The Burn Lane vehicle incident is being investigated as a separate incident, unrelated to the damage across other areas of the town.

A spokesperson from Great Aycliffe Town Council said: "We would like to thank those residents who have passed on information to the Police already."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Durham Police on 101.