“WE wish you a Merry Christmas.” With carolling curtailed, you might not have heard that refrain so many times this season that you’ve become blasé about its meaning.

Christmas 2020 will go down in the history books as unique – well, we hope it does: when Christmas 2021 comes, we won’t still be isolated in our bubbles, without family able to travel from afar, will we?

Perhaps, by contrast with previous Christmases, you may be enduring it rather than enjoying it, but it can still be a special day. We’ll be ensconced in the warmth and the safety of our Christmas cocoons, looking out at the world without being bothered by the 24/7 news updates about the tiers latest or the 24/7 knocking on the door by delivery drivers with parcels for neighbours.

And, more than ever, we’ll be looking out for those who are cocooned on their own – a cheery wave or even a plate of food just to let them know they are not forgotten in these strange days.

“Glad tidings we bring, for you and your kin,” says the song, and this year’s glad tidings are that there is a vaccine in the spring and warm weather in the summer, so the virus will soon be in retreat.

So there is hope in our hearts which makes our Christmas wish ring truer than ever: Merry Christmas one and all, and thank-you for being part of our family.