A MAN who delivered a fatal punch that left a much-loved dad with unsurvivable head injuries has been jailed.

Liam Wright fatally attacked 36-year-old Carl Loughran on Borough Road, Sunderland, in August this year.

Following a verbal altercation in the street, Wright swung three punches at Carl’s head - knocking him off balance - before a fourth landed which proved to be the killer blow.

With his victim fighting for his life in the road, 33-year-old Wright then left him for dead and walked away from the scene.

Carl was taken to hospital for emergency treatment after suffering a catastrophic brain injury and a fractured skull, the latter which was caused by his fall.

He sadly died from his injuries two days later in hospital.

Wright, of Rangoon Road, Sunderland, admitted manslaughter when he appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on September 2.

Yesterday he returned to the same court where he was sentenced to five years and four months behind bars.

Detective Inspector Barry Mcatominey, of Northumbria Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: “First and foremost, our thoughts go out to Carl’s family at this devastating time.

“No sentence could have reversed the sad events of that afternoon and brought Carl back. Their pain and anguish has not gone away and Wright must live knowing his actions have caused their unimaginable heartache.

“Wright was the aggressor as he approached his victim in the middle of a busy street and a verbal altercation ensued. He then took the decision to swing four punches at Carl.

“The impact of that fourth blow caused Carl to fall backwards and hit his head off the pavement, suffering injuries that he was unable to survive from.

“Wright could have walked away, and if he had, Carl would still be alive today. That’s the sobering reality and something that the defendant must carry on his conscience.

“I hope this case sends a strong message to everyone in our communities – if you decide to swing a punch, you run the risk of ruining several lives forever.

“Wright made a choice when turning to violence and that decision has had absolutely catastrophic consequences.”

The court heard Wright was in the company of two other men when he approached Carl on Borough Road shortly after 3.30pm on August 1.

Following a brief exchange of words, Wright was seen on CCTV throwing four punches that all connected with Carl’s head – the last of which caused the victim to fall heavily to the ground.

As members of the public stopped to help Carl and call for help, Wright walked away from the scene – looking over his shoulder and seeing his victim lying motionless in the street.

Yesterday, Wright begun a custodial term after admitting manslaughter.