TROUBLESOME youngsters wanted for antisocial behaviour have changed their ways by making Christmas wreaths for the community.

Over recent months the western area of Newton Aycliffe, has been plagued by antisocial behaviour.

Police have been working alongside their partners to address community concerns as well as looking at long-term solutions to the problem.

After speaking with the young people who have been causing the issues, officers said they wanted to change and become involved in projects where they can give back to their community.

The group has been engaging with police, housing association Livin and the community in developing a series of mini projects.

One young person – who was identified early on as being a ring leader for the group – came to officers with an idea to create Christmas wreaths to give to families, vulnerable people and nursing homes within the western area.

He wanted to give back to the people who have been affected by the nuisance caused by him and his group.

A spokesperson from Newton Aycliffe Police said: "The young person has designed the wreaths, negotiated with a local garden centre for the parts and worked with us to secure funding from the Western Partnership. He has taken a great deal of pride in working with his peers in making them.

"We are continuing to work alongside the young people of the Western area in developing many more projects."

More than 50 wreaths have been created in total and delivered to families within the community.

During the drop off, one youngster said: "We are very sorry for all the ASB around the western area. We have created the wreaths for you and your family to say sorry. We are trying to stop the ASB in this area and we are really are sorry. Going forward we are wanting to work together to improve our behaviour and try and make a real difference in improving our community."

Graham Darby, strategic head of housing at Livin added: “This is a difficult time for all residents and particularly for young people in our communities. This has been a really positive way to improve relationships between neighbours on the estate and is testament to great partnership working between the community and a range of agencies.”