A WOMAN from the North-East has gone missing while hiking in the Pyrenees during a six-year camper van tour of Europe.

Rescuers are searching for Esther Dingley, 37, who disappeared at the France- Spain border last week.

She had been trekking alone when she vanished after chatting to her partner via Whatsapp last Sunday.

The Northern Echo:

Ms Dingley sent boyfriend, Dan Colegate, a picture of her on top of the Pic de Sauvegarde.

She was due to end her trip on Wednesday but she has not been seen or heard from since.

Mr Colegate, posting on Facebook, said: “I’m broken. Shattered to report that my beloved Esther, the person who taught me how to feel, is missing.

She was last seen six days ago when she sent me this photo.

“Search and rescue teams have so far found no trace of her.”

It is understood Ms Dingley had been travelling in the couple’s camper van while Mr Colegate stayed at a farm in Gascony.

The Northern Echo:

The couple, who are from Durham, have been together for around 18 years.

They started a blog together called “Esther and Dan” after they began trekking around Europe in 2014 following a health scare.

It is understood Ms Dingley had been away for a month before she went missing at around 4pm on Sunday, November 22.

Mr Colegate has said she was walking from Benasque in Spain on Saturday and planned to spend Sunday night at Refuge Venasque in France.

Concerns is growing as the ongoing searches for her have found no sign at all and temperatures are dropping with light snow fall in the area.

The Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne (PGHM), has said it was “actively looking” for Dingley.

The Northern Echo:

Mr Colgate shared the last picture Dingley sent him before she vanished in a moving Facebook post on Saturday night.

He said: “The only purpose of this post is to ask for prayers, thoughts, candles and whatever you have.

“I’ve not been saying anything, but this wonderful person believes in the power of positive thought and right now I’ll take anything if it means that she can be found.

“I need her back.

“I can’t face the alternative.”