A VISITOR to a local museum has taken what he believes is a photo of a ghost.

The photo was taken in Head of Steam, the railway museum which occupies the building which was once Darlington's North Road Station.

It was built in 1842 and it was a major hub for the early railway industry, since then it has picked up a reputation for being a hotspot for ghostly activity.

The photographer took the picture looking into the old ticket kiosk that is on display in the station.

It was taken before the second lockdown when museums were still open.

The Northern Echo:

The station is said to be haunted by several ghosts one of which is a ticket clerk who shot himself in 1845.

The first sighting of the ghost was in the 1850s when a night watchman claims to have been attacked by the apparition.

The watchman thought he saw a trespasser, when he approached, the apparition turned and punched him the face.

When he came back to his senses he saw the apparition leave through a wall.

The Northern Echo:

Another potential ghostly suspect is that of a young Victorian girl sitting in a third-class train carriage on display in the museum.

The girl is usually seen sitting on her own in the far-right compartment at the back of the carriage.

A spokesperson from Head of Steam said: “In the past staff have heard footsteps when only one member of staff was in the building, and the occasional whiff of cigarette smoke when no one is allowed to smoke on site.

“A psychic medium was in the museum and he commented on feeling and sensing things which when mentioned to staff, they confirmed they have also sensed things in the same places.”

Do you think the photo captures a ghost or just a shadow?