A MIDDLESBROUGH 27-year-old has joined a new pageant called Miss All African Colours.

The pageant is a round of the Miss England competition with women of colour participating.

Afoluke Adedapo has lived in Middlesbrough since 2002, she was born in Bradford.

Miss Adedapo's family come from Nigeria, which she has visited several times.

The finals of the competition take place on December 19.

The winner will get a place in the Miss England finals.

Miss Adedapo said: "I am involved in this and I have been raising funds for a charity called EquipAfrica, as well as working with the Museum of Wales to help on a project reframing history- expanding the story of a prominent Welsh figure who fought Napoleon and highlighting figures that did not have that status.

"Most of my work has been online but we have managed to raise £122 and make progress with the history project at the museum which will debut in June 2021.

"I thought this was a bit unique because it was all women of colour. It's the first time they're doing something like this in the pageant for African, Caribbean and Asian women.

"The winner gets to go to the Miss England finals."

This part of the competition has been set up by the All African Company, who specialises in producing multicolour ANKARA print bags.

Miss Adedapo works for the Bank of America as an analyst.

She said: "This is my first time doing a pageant. I wrote a list of things I want to do in my life and this was one of them

"I have to raise some funds for a charity, I've to give a speech."

There are eight candidates, who are from all over the UK.

Miss Adedapo said: "It's been difficult trying to raise money with the coronavirus, some of the plans I had I've had to change, it's mostly been online, getting the word out there and talking to different people, as well as my friends, family and relatives."

Miss Adedapo's funds will go to EquipAfrica, whose aim is to equip healthcare facilities and enlighten and empower health professionals as well as their patients by improving access to healthcare across Sub-Saharan Africa.

She said: "The charity supports healthcare professionals in Africa and their patients providing equipment and in order to get better healthcare in their hospitals, and make them run better."

You can vote for Miss Adedapo by texting 6333 with the message MISS AAC01, texts costs 50p with the money going towards charity, Beauty with a Purpose. Beauty with a Purpose, is run by Miss World, each country chooses a project close to their home presenting their projects at Miss World.

In light of recent events the director of the Miss Englandcontest, Angie Beasley, said she wanted to do more to highlight that the contest is open to all communities living in England.

She said: “It’s difficult to get the message across to all communities that anyone from any ethnicity can enter as long as they can abide by the rules and hold a British passport.”