AN 11-year-old boy decided to make his own wooden Christmas trees and raise money for an ITU after his mam was on a ventilator in hospital with Covid-19.

Joshua Sharpe, from East Harlsey, has spent the last few months creating large wooden Christmas trees to raise money for James Cook Hospital's ITU in Middlesbrough.

Helen Sharpe, Joshua's mam, said: "We are all so appreciative for the care, compassion and professionalism shown by all the staff. Joshua decided raising money for the staff is a way to say thank you.

"Joshua was 10 when I went into hospital, he had his 11th while I was ventilated, so didn’t get to enjoy it.

"Very little is mentioned about the effects of Covid on family especially children. My son struggled to deal with what happened, however he found writing a poem was his way of coming to terms with his feelings.

"Joshua employed his sister to paint the trees. The top of the tree is painted the colours of the rainbow to say thank you to the NHS."

Helen spent a month in hospital, her husband called an ambulance on March 20, she was ventilated and did not wake up until April.

Helen, who works as a staff nurse in Friarage Hospital, said: "It was quite traumatic."

Joshua said: "I am making Christmas trees to help the ICU with money and to say thank you. I have sold 15 and more orders are coming through. It takes me about a few hours to do. I've been using my nana's wood."