A DEFENDANT’S “impulsive” court escape attempt when he heard he was being jailed has only succeeded in extending his prison sentence.

As the ten-month sentence was imposed at Durham Crown Court on dangerous driver Joshua Maas, he clambered over the perspex security surround of the dock in Court One and tried to flee the building.

He did not get beyond the court door as a security officer grappled Maas to the ground, and, backed by a colleague, dock officers and a police officer in another case, he was detained and taken to the cells.

Judge James Adkin adjourned Wednesday’s hearing and said he would revisit the case yesterday, with the possibility of a further charge being added arising from the escape bid.

Maas, 24, of Bamford Terrace, Palmersville, North Tyneside, appeared for this hearing over the video link from nearby Durham Prison.

A new charge of contempt of court was put to the defendant.

Following a brief conference with counsel Vic Laffey he pleaded guilty.

Mr Laffey told the court: “It’s a long time since I have dealt with anyone for an offence such as this.

“When he appeared at court in August there was a psychiatric report prepared as he has issues with ADHD and a long history of other mental health issues.

“He struggles with impulsivity and panic attacks and I think on Wednesday he anticipated because he had been doing well on post sentence supervision since his release from his last sentence that the court would give him an opportunity to continue that progress.

“His impulsive reaction is something he deeply regrets and he wants to apologise for the chaos he caused.

“He’s very sorry and he knows he’s only adding to his woes.”

Judge Adkin asked Maas if he had anything to say about, “jumping the dock and trying flee from court.”

He replied: “I’m sorry. I know it was bang out of order.

“I never want to come back to court. I don’t know why I did it.

“I’ll never do anything like that again. I know it’s wrong, and I’m sorry.”

Judge Adkin told him: “Escaping from court as you are being sentenced is a serious contempt.

“It seems to me you are an impulsive young man and unhappy at going back to prison.

“It was extremely foolish because it was obvious you were going to be caught at some point.”

Judge Adkin added a further two months to the sentence imposed on Wednesday, extending it to a 12-month jail term.