NEIGHBOURS are preparing to hold a candlelit vigil for the toddler who died today two days after emergency services were called after she suffered serious injuries.

Grace Thorpe was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary for treatment to her injuries but medics were unable to safe her life.

The two-year-old's family have been left distraught by her death.

This evening, neighbours in the narrow street of terraced houses in New Marske were preparing to pay tribute to the young girl.

One mum said: "It's absolutely heartbreaking to hear the news she has died, she was such a beautiful little girl.

"During clap for carers she would come to the door with her mum and wave across the street at my little girl who is about the same age.

"She would also get excited and wave whenever she saw me out with my dog. It's completely devastating that she's died and that it's being treated as a murder."

The police and ambulance were called at around 10am on Tuesday morning having received an emergency call.

They initially treated the incident as an accident in the belief that Grace had suffered a fall.

The incident happened while her mum was at work in a local B&M store.

The little's girl's mother rushed back from work when the alarm was raised but had to wait on the street with her partner while emergency crews fought to save Grace.

Another neighbour said: "I realised there was something happening and looked out of my bedroom window to see the street was full of police cars and ambulances.

"A rescue helicopter landed on a field behind the street but Grace was taken to hospital in an emergency car. I was told the car had to pull over to resuscitate her on the way to hospital.

"Everyone on the street has been affected by this and the village as a whole. It's a small village where everyone knows each other and there have been a lot of tears for that little girl.

"She was a gorgeous, smiley, blonde haired little thing, always so cheerful. I was praying that she'd pull through but I found out she had died when her dad posted it on social media.

"He and her mum are separated and I feel for them both and the whole family right now, I can't imagine what they're going through."

Scenes of crime officers in white forensic suits continued to comb the mid-terraced house for evidence.