THE heartbroken mother of a young man who was chased to his death has spoken of her family's devastation.

Lisa Jobson fought back tears as she read out a statement in Teesside Crown Court as two youths faced justice for their actions on the night her 22-year-old son Luke lost his life.

Miss Jobson described the gang of youths, who surrounded her son before chasing him through Yarm High Street, as 'a pack of wolves'.

She said: “Luke was loved, cared and protected from the day he was born, he was our world and our only boy. We could not have wished for a better son.

“We were so close, he was loving, caring and beautiful both inside and out.

“He touched the hearts of everyone who knew him because he was kind, gentle and genuine. He lit up a room when he walked in it.

"He had good friends from all backgrounds and cultures who were good people – he didn't have a nasty bone in his body.

"He loved life, he was positive, always wanting to be the best that he could be with everything he did. He was always looking forward to things and planning ahead.

The Northern Echo: Luke JobsonLuke Jobson

“We miss Luke every minute of every day; the pain we feel never goes away. Our lives have been destroyed and we will never be the same people again.

“This should never have happened. Luke has been robbed of his life at 22 – his life was just beginning.

“That night all of you were intent to harm, chased Luke in that car and he was running scared from danger. He was alone, frightened and vulnerable, you all acted like a pack of wolves, hunting him down.

"I know Luke was trying to get away to safety, he was heading towards his aunt's house and you all made sure that did not happen by getting to him in that car.

"You know exactly what you did, Edwin Taha, when you sprayed our boy's eyes and face causing Luke hurt and pain – you are all evil.

"We will never get out of our heads every minute of that night that Luke had to go through. Not one of you have had the guts to own up to what you have done to our boy.

"Knowing your faces are the last faces of terror our boy had to see on this earth is a living hell and our boy could not get away safely, is torture.

"We want someone to take away all of this pain and bring Luke back but no-one can.

"We are angry, sad and bitter, you have made us into something that is the complete opposite to what Luke was about.

"Whatever happens to each and every one of you is never going to be enough. It is going to be me, Luke's dad and his sister who are having to live a life sentence."

Yesterday, at Teesside Crown court, Edwin Taha, of Lavender Way, Norton, was sent to a young offenders’ institute for 21 months for the affray and given an additional four years and four months for the drug charges.

Adbulmajieed, of Corvus Drive, Stockton, also changed his plea to guilty on the day of the trial, was given a 15-month custodial sentence, suspended for two years.