A GROUP of concerned residents held a Halloween-themed protest at Sunderland's Nissan car plant to warn against the "horrors of a no-deal Brexit".

The demonstrators repeated their call on the Government to reject a no-deal Brexit saying it would have a devastating imact on the region's economy.

Spokesperson Daniel Elsom said: "With post-Brexit trade talks going on, we urge Boris Johnson to honour his promise to level up the North-East by securing a good deal.

"The region stands to be the worst affected by a no-deal Brexit, especially with Nissan themselves saying they would pull out of the region in this scenario.

"Our protest had a Halloween theme to highlight the horror show that will be unleashed on the area if we do crash out without a deal."

He added: "In the 2019 general election the Conservatives promises us an oven-read Brexit deal.

"We need to trade fairly with our friends and neigbhours in Europe, otherwise thousand of jobs are at risk, like those at the Nissan. Many Tory MP's were elected in the North-East for the first time on that promise. If they fail to act now they must resign."

The demonstrators, who complied with Covid-19 regulations when they gathered, said 24,000 jobs were at risk from the plant to the supply chain, including at firms such as Nifco and AV Dawson on Teesside.