THE North-East is well known for having its fair share of ghostly tales - some of which are enough to leave you feeling uneasy.

From Lady Lumley in Chester-le-Street to the Tartan Lady in Darlington, many of us have grown up hearing of these spooky tales. 

We're looking back at some of the most known tales from across County Durham and Darlington as Halloween creeps round the corner.  

The Paranormal Database, which has more than 12,500 such entries from across the UK, has delved into the history of some of the region's commonly known. 

So we've looked at what the database holds about our region and compiled a list of some of the most known tales and such sightings.

Lady Lumley

Quite possibly one of the region's most known tales, the 'Lily of Lumley' at Lumley Castle is a topic that comes up repeatedly.

The Lily of Lumley was killed by several monks after refusing to agree with their religious beliefs.

When Sir Ralph discovered what had happened to his wife, the monks were killed.

Some people have said they have seen monks walking in file around the castle, while Lady Lumley has been seen walking within the castle's corridors and grounds.  

According to the Paranormal Database, an Australian cricket player reported seeing the monks in 2005, while in 2017 a witness claimed to have photographed two ghostly faces in the windows.

White Lady

If you live in or near Aycliffe chances are that you'll know about the White Lady, spotted near the A167 north of the town.

Witnesses have described a woman, sometimes wearing a raincoat to a wedding dress, but always wearing a form of white. 

Legend has it that the woman had been picked up by passing drivers only to vanish into thin air a few miles down the road. 

Lady Gerrard

Reported in the area of South Park in Darlington, there have been reports of a grey figure resembling a lady here.

It is understood that Lady Gerrard had her hand 'hacked' off by two soldiers who took a liking to her ring.

She died soon after from blood loss and her ghost is said to help those in need, though it lacks an arm, says the Paranormal Databse.

The Tartan Lady 

A classic tale in Darlington, The Tartan Lady is said to haunt the area of Blackwell Grange Hotel.

The ghost came to Blackwell after the Duke of Cumberland stole her portrait and brought it there in 1746.

Though the painting has since been destroyed, the Tartan Lady is still understood to haunt the building.

A young boy

Near Finchale Farm House, the ghost of a young boy has been reported.

According to the Paranormal Database a workman on the property heard a young boy call out his name.

The witness followed the boy and watched him enter a cupboard in a bedroom.

Summoning the owners of the property, the newly formed group went to investigate.

Opening the cupboard, the workman said he could see the boy peering through a grill, but the owners were unable to see neither boy nor grill.

The barn on the site is also rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of a farmer.

Jimmy Allen

Legend has it that horse rustler Jimmy Allen, who died in 1802, can still be heard playing on his pipes from under Elvet Bridge in Durham City Centre.

He is understood to have died in his cell before his pardon arrived - the ghost of another man, who mysteriously vanished, would be spotted at the base of the bridge, standing on the river's banks.