MORE parts of the North are expected to see the strictest set of restrictions imposed on them - but what does it mean for the North-East?

Greater Manchester is tipped to join Liverpool with tighter lockdown restrictions as council leaders argue with the Government for more funding.

Under the three-tier system, every part of England is now divided into three seperate categories with a Covid alert level ranging from Medium, High to Very High.

Under Tier 3 of the three-tier system, pubs not serving "substantial" food have to close, and households are not allowed to mix with other households indoors or outdoors.

The entire North-East currently remains under Tier 2 restrictions - although a decision on this is expected later this week.

We've put together what exactly is set to happen in the next four days across the region and the wider North-of-England.

What is expected today?

Greater Manchester leaders are set to make their case for more funding after being threatened Tier 3 restrictions would come in regardless, unless a deal is agreed between them.

Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham has accused ministers of acting provocatively by issuing a statement on Monday night warning that the Government had no choice but to act because of the deteriorating situation in the region.

But Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said there were now “more Covid-19 patients in Greater Manchester hospitals than in the whole of the South West and South East combined”.

So far only Liverpool City Region and Lancashire have come under the tightest restrictions in England – in each case with the agreement of local leaders. 

Could the North-East still go under Tier 3 restrictions?

The focus on which areas of the North could be placed under Tier 3 restrictions is very much on the North-West with Greater Manchester arguing their case for more funding.

In the North-East and North Yorkshire however, there are no "imminent" plans for such restrictions to come into force here - but we're not out of the woods.

The North-East remains under Tier 2 restrictions, while North Yorkshire remains under Tier 1 restrictions where rule-of-six applies and household mixing is still permitted. 

Last week, The Northern Echo reported that council leaders in the North-East were given a further week to demonstrate an improvement in the region's Covid-19 infection rates.

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At the time, North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll confirmed that seven local authorities -Northumberland, Newcastle, North and South Tyneside, Gateshead, Sunderland and County Durham would remain under current restrictions for now.

He suggested that Tier 2 measures in the region were "having an effect" but warned improvements could only continue if people continued to stick to the rules.

Covid-19 infection rates HAVE fallen in six council areas in the past week

Latest data based on Public Health England figures, made available yesterday, shows six areas in the region has seen a fall in the number of new cases.

Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Gateshead, South and North Tyneside and Northumberland all reported fewer new cases in the seven days leading to October 15.

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It suggests that such restrictions could be proving effective and could be enough for the Government to allow the rules to stay as they are. 

Council leader says anyone suggesting town will be placed in Tier 3 to "sod off"

Hartlepool Borough Council leader rejected talk of his town being placed in Tier 3 of the coronavirus restrictions, saying anyone suggesting it will be told to “sod off”.

Shane Moore said no talks had happened since Friday, when the Tees Valley and the North East were given a reprieve from the toughest measures.

He tweeted on Monday evening: “Apparently it was announced in the House of Commons earlier that there were talks happening in relation to #Hartlepool & wider #TeesValley going into Tier 3. This is untrue.

“No talks with us since update on Friday & if anyone suggests it to me this week they’ll be told to sod off.”

Asked if Hartlepool will be placed in Tier 3 next week, Mr Moore replied on Twitter: “Not unless I am presented with clear evidence that the current restrictions are not working and that serious hospital admissions are causing strain on local health services.”

When will a decision for the North-East be made?

As The Echo previously reported, Health Secretary Matt Hancock will discuss the next steps for the region this week.

It will be part of discussions with council and authority leaders in South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire.

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The talks are understood to be taking place on Friday with a decision expected later that day confirming whether the region has escaped tighter rules.

But according to the Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen, there are "no imminent plans" for the Tees Valley to move into Tier 3 rules. 

He last night tweeted, tweeted: "After today’s statement, I spoke to Matt Hancock’s team and I was pleased that they confirmed what local leaders were told on Friday - that there are NO imminent plans to move our area to tier 3."