A ROW over magic mushrooms left one man with a broken jaw and his attacker with an 18-month prison sentence.

Ben Peary punched his friend in the face leaving him with a double fracture and missing two teeth.

But to add insult to injury Peary then send a number of intimidating text messages branding his victim 'a grass' after the police were called in.

Teesside Crown Court how how the 25-year-old lashed out when three friends were walking in the Richmond area and spotted magic mushrooms growing.

Dr Chris Wood, prosecuting, said the complainant told Peary he had seen the same type of mushrooms growing nearby and the defendant reacted angrily.

He said: "He took offence to this saying 'you think you know because of one time', the complainant tried to laugh it off to prevent an argument and says 'shut up' – thinking it was just banter.

"It is right to say that the defendant became aggressive and said 'I will knock you the f*** out'. The defendant punches the complainant once to the jaw, which sent him to the floor, and it caused him immense pain."

Dr Wood said the single blow caused a double fracture to the jaw and left the victim with two damaged teeth.

The victim was taken to hospital were he had a titanium plate fitted and had to have his jaw wired for six-months following the assault on September 26 last year.

Two days after the incident, the victim received a text message from Peary branding him 'pathetic' and 'a snitch'.

The court heard one of the messages read 'I'm going to tell the whole area you are a grass' and another read 'Keep your f***ing mouth shut and move on with your life'.

The father-of-one also wrote 'If you get me taken from my I will be looking for you'.

Dr Wood said the victim had been forced to move out of the area due to the stress of the attack and threats.

In a victim personal statement the man said he was still suffering pain and anxiety as a result of the assault at an earlier hearing.

Peary, of Whitcliff Grange, Richmond, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and witness intimidation.

Gareth Henderson-Moore, in mitigation, urged the judge to pass a suspended sentence as his client had overreacted as he was under a great deal of stress at the time and was remorseful for his behaviour.

Judge Howard Crowson said: "I'm afraid I'm going to have to have to send you to prison, when you cause a fractured jaw and then follow it up with messaged of intimidation.

"It was a single punch but it caused a a fracture and the loss of two teeth."

Peary was jailed for a total of 18-months for the two offences.

The judge added: "The threats were of reputational damage which can have an impact in an area like that."