A GRAPHIC designer made redundant because of Covid has invoiced the Chancellor Rishi Sunak his entire student debt.

Left at a loss, university graduate Luke Osborne has requested Mr Sunak fork out a whopping £41,717.32 to repay his student debt.

It come as the Chancellor suggested workers, including those in the arts, may have to "adapt" to find work post-Covid.

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Mr Osborne, who said he accepted payment via Direct Debit, Cheque and PayPal, said it seemed "only fair" to take dramatic steps to recourse.

The Northern Echo:

He said: "For an industry that brings close to £11bn to the UK economy and over 363 thousand jobs, I find it appalling that Rishi Sunak has suggested we all move on and retrain.

"However, since he feels people working in the arts sector should retrain and seek "new opportunities" it seemed only fair to get a refund on my previous degree so I am able to do so."

The Northern Echo:

In his damning letter, Mr Osborne says: "Dear Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer. I appreciate your kind words telling everyone in the arts to retrain and seek new employment or as you put it “new opportunities”.

"I for one love a challenge and to learn a new skill ...HOWEVER, I have sadly already spent my student loan allowance training to become a graphic designer as part of the creative arts industry.

"So, I need your help! If you wish for us to retrain, if you could be so kind and pay off my student debt I will gladly go back to School to train for a new profession, who knows I could become a zoologist, a scientist or even a politician like you!

"Please find below an invoice for my degree as well as my payment information, direct debit and cheque are fine, I also take PayPal. Your future colleague Luke Osborne."

Sadly, Mr Osborne said he has not heard back from Mr Sunak but said he would be asking Student Finance the same question on whether he should expect a refund for his efforts.

Mr Osborne said: "As a graphic designer I feel lucky, I may have been made redundant but I can still go home and create but for many others such as musicians, actors and actresses and many others who aren't able to perform and that's who I am really doing this for."