AS new restrictions come into force with the introduction of the new ‘three tier’ system many people are hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel.

Darlington, Stockton, and Redcar and Cleveland have been placed into the tier two category and from Wednesday, October 14, people from different households will not be able to mix indoors.

Shoppers and traders in Stockton welcomed the new measures but many said they would like to see more progress in fighting the virus.

The Northern Echo:

Richie Grey from Denmark Foods said: “Nobody’s quite sure what’s going to happen, so people don't come out.

"To come to the town centre you have to get a bus or pay for parking same in Stanley and Seaham.

"It isn't really that essential to come to a market and we lose trade so maybe a lockdown might help to lower virus numbers.”

The Northern Echo:

Stall holder Janet Dawson said: “If we need a mini lockdown then we should have one as soon as possible.

"My online sales are up down and have been going up since the first lockdown, the virus is putting a lot of people off coming down into the town centre."

The Northern Echo:

Market trader Jagger Singh said: “I think there should be a national lockdown for two or three weeks instead of saying you can’t do this or that.

"It feels like they say sorry you can’t visit your nana today, but you could yesterday, and you might be able to again in three weeks.”

Kids Go Green owner, Julie Laveric said: “When we first came out of lockdown the numbers were lower but now it has gone back to normal and there’s a second wave now.

“I think we need a small lockdown during the October half term.

"Right now, the virus is ruining things so a lockdown might help and hopefully there will be a bit of normality on the other side of it.”

Some politicians are pushing the idea of a ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown for a few weeks to lower virus numbers arguing it would stop the virus accelerating.

However, some people are not convinced that a ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown is needed or if it would have any effect on the virus numbers.

The Northern Echo:

Fiona Boston of Faking It Stockton said: “Sweden is letting life carry on as normal, yet we are in and out of lockdowns because we can’t decide what we are doing.

“Companies and high streets will be empty because they can’t live like this. Wear your mask make it compulsory for two years, get the masks on your face and keep yourself alive.

“You either do a circuit breaker lockdown or you carry on as normal, but I think they should stop blaming shops and restaurants we are just the minority of cases.”

The Northern Echo:

Shaun Sweeney said: “I’m finding that it’s scaring people coming out, I’m not getting the footfall. I defiantly think that people are scared to come out.

“The last major lockdown didn’t work, it needs a chance to get round people so that we can fight it.

"If we lockdown again it will spike again, we need to protect the vulnerable and others can go about as normal.

“It’s worry times for any business and the self-employed.”