We take a look at some great photos of Redcar’s former pier after a story about Redcar sparked a hunt through the archives by an Echo reader.

In Redcar, the redevelopment of the Regent cinema took a major step forward last month when the project was granted planning permission.

Echo reader, and former Echo employee, Tony Marshall spotted the story of the £9m makeover and found these pictures of another of Redcar’s old buildings – the pier ballroom and restaurant. Did you go dancing at the pavilion ballroom?

The Northern Echo: Old photograph of Redcar Pier - taken by Tony Marshall Echo reader Old photograph of Redcar Pier - taken by Tony Marshall Echo reader

Another great picture from Tony Marshall. A pavilion and ballroom were added to Redcar pier in 1907 and extended in 1928 to include a cafe. A blue plaque on a seafront brick wall on the Esplanade indicates the site of the former Redcar Pier

The Northern Echo:

Redcar pier and disappearing beach. This photograph was taken in December 1962. Redcar council bought the pier in 1946 for £4,500, but it was never repaired and simply allowed to disintegrate

The Northern Echo: Memories of Redcar PierMemories of Redcar Pier

The 1,300ft structure opened on June 2, 1873. In 1980, the pier was declared unsafe and was closed. In June 2010, approval was given for a revamp of Redcar seafront which included an 80ft (24.3m) tower structure which was termed Redcar’s ‘vertical pier’. The original pier sold for £250 as scrap. What are your memories of Redcar pier? Tony Marshall also sent us the picture below

The Northern Echo: Another lovely picture from Tony MarshallAnother lovely picture from Tony Marshall

Through Redcar pier towards the Royal Hotel, August 27, 1968

The Northern Echo: