A VIDEO of teenagers beating a duck to death with a baseball bat is being investigated by the RSPCA.

The sickening video, which was posted on social media, shows one teenager throwing the bird into the air, while the other takes a swing at it with the bat.

The video then cuts to one of the teenagers hitting the duck’s head with the bat and is captioned with the words “Ducks life matter”, followed by laughing emojis.

It is believed it happened in or around York and was first reported to the RSPCA in July.

Inspector Thomas Hutton said: “This is an extremely distressing video which shows two teenagers carrying out an awful act of violence against a poor, defenceless duck.

“The video of the attack was then posted on social media platform Snapchat which is popular with children and young teenagers and it is particularly troubling that they could easily have witnessed this act of brutality through their phones.

“If anyone has any information about this we would urge them to contact us in strictest confidence."

Call 0300-1238018.