DATA from a North-East police force has revealed the roads where the most motorists were caught speeding.

Last year, speed cameras recorded a staggering 59,335 instances of speeding, or driving through a red light, across the Northumbria Police force area.

This area includes roads in Newcastle, Gateshead, Northumberland, North and South Tyneside and Sunderland areas.

The data, which has been made available from the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative, shows the most common areas where motorists are breaking the law.

It shows every instance of speeding that was caught by fixed cameras and mobile cameras over the last twelve months.

The most prolific camera, positioned between the A167 and A191 in Newcastle caught 6,236 motorists in 2019, and 6,073 motorists in 2018.

The speed camera has caught the most speeding motorists in the entire force area for the past two years, since being established in 2018.

The Northern Echo:

The latest force data has been revealed Stock image: NORTHERN ECHO

Meanwhile, a speed camera in Gateshead is the second-most prolific camera with 3,506 motorists caught in 2019, and a further 3,077 caught in 2018.

Here is the force's top 10 speed camera locations which have caught the most motorists:

Figures show the number of speeding motorists in 2019 - we have included the approximate area/road where each camera is. 

1. A167 Ponteland Road between A191/Etal Lane Roundabout and Springfield Roundabout

Number of speeding motorists: 6,236

2. A184 Whitemare Pool, Gateshead

Number of speeding motorists: 3,506

3. A167 Stamfordham Road, Newcastle

Number of speeding motorists: 3,430

4. A690 Houghton Cut, Sunderland

Number of speeding motorists: 2,843

5. A1290 Keir Hardie Way, Sunderland

Number of speeding motorists: 2,698

6. A690 Durham Road, Stonygate

Number of speeding motorists: 2,631

7. A697 Powburn, Northumberland

Number of speeding motorists: 2,032

8. A189 Barrack Road, Newcastle

Number of speeding motorists: 2,011

9. A188 Benton Lane, North Tyneside

Number of speeding motorsits: 1,965

10. A1171 Dudley Lane, Cramlington

Number of speeding motorists: 1,753