THE trial of a woman who denies dealing in drugs from a sweet shop has been delayed awaiting the result of a test for Covid-19.

Police raided The Convenience Store in Park Road, South Moor, Stanley, on November 23, 2018, removing the entire stock of confectionery.

Melanie Jane Hewson, who was one of two people arrested, has subsequently admitted producing cannabis, recovered from her home in Stanley during the same operation.

She also admits possessing 18-grams of amphetamines, found in her handbag seized at the sweet shop, but she denies having it with intent to supply to others.

The 52-year-old defendant, of Elm Street, was due to stand trial on the latter charge at Durham Crown Court yesterday.

But after hearing she has undergone a test for coronavirus after showing symptoms, last week, the case was adjourned by Judge James Adkin.

Lewis Kerr, for Hewson, said she should receive the test result within two days.

Judge Adkin rescheduled the trial for Thursday but said she would “obviously” not be expected to attend if the test result is positive.