NATURAL barriers have been placed across a village green to prevent illegal parking, preserving it as a recreational space.

Illegal parking has been an issue on Hipswell Village Green for over a decade. In spite of the parish council taking an informal approach in the past, in recent years it has continued to receive complaints from residents who cannot not access their properties.

Consultation regarding implementing double yellow lines resulted in further conflict, with significant car parking moving from the road onto the village green. A resident placing cones and tape around the green without the permission of the council caused further confrontation.

Finally, after further pleas to not park on the village green were ignored, Hipswell Parish Council arranged for the natural, local stones to be placed on the green. Of similar stone to the church, these boulders are in keeping with existing markers on the other side of the road, which have been there without complaint for several years.

Kim Mendham, chair of the parish council, said: “Parking is always an issue in small communities where driveways and garages are not common.

“While we understand the frustration this can cause, we also recognise that car parking cannot take priority over the safety of village green users, nor can it be the priority of the parish council.

“We do not have land suitable for a car park within Hipswell village, and we do not plan to become a landlord for a car park.”

She also pointed out the parish council created a number of parking spaces in St Johns’ Road to help alleviate some of the parking issues. Additionally it has received complaints of vehicles being left in the designated graveyard car park. This prevents attendance at funerals or tending to graves, causing significant upset and distress.

Concluding, Cllr Mendham said: “The parish council is a democratically-elected group of local residents who always try to act in the best interests of both Hipswell Village and Hipswell West.

“The green can now be used by all residents for its intended purpose, which is a green space for recreation. It is not and will never be a car park.

“In this climate emergency we all need to consider our own actions.

“As a parish, we are proud to ensure our green spaces for generations to come.”