A NORTH-EAST based IT firm has launched an app for businesses to track a delivery route or demolition site and the work that happens on it.

Lucid Technology Solutions, which is headquartered in Stockton and has offices in Newton Aycliffe and Team Valley, believes the app will help companies operating in the maintenance sector work more efficiently.

The mobile app, called Worktraq, maps a location such as a delivery route, demolition site, security area, or a heavily guarded site such as a power station.

It then shows when an employee has reached the location, tracks the time of the job and then logs it when finished.

Worktraq prompts the employee to take photos to provide evidence that a job is being completed within an agreed timeframe and budget.

The app was purpose-built for one of Lucid’s existing clients but is now being rolled out to others in logistics, warehousing, gritting, construction, demolition, shipping, chemicals, CCTV and manned guarding.

Cheryl Spears, sales director at Lucid, said: “Worktraq was originally designed to provide an existing client with a solution to help plan gritting work of private car parks, including real-time weather information from the met office and it has developed from there.

"As a business we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs and developing bespoke solutions."

"The app provides real time information such as when a manned security guard last visited a site or when a car park was last gritted.

"Intelligence can lead to faster and better customer service, helping businesses achieve a competitive edge.”