FULL credit must be given to the many A-level students who stood up and made their voices heard since the blatant unfairness of the exam grading algorithm became clear after the results were published on Thursday.

They should be proud of their role in forcing the Government to make an almighty u-turn. But the fight is far from over.

Some students will have already missed out on their first choice university courses, while delays will have made it harder for universities to find places for students, and those due to sit their exams next years will no doubt be fearful of what system will be in place for them, given the disruption they have already experienced, and the potential for further lockdowns.

The temptation will be to consign the algorithm and the embarrassment it has caused to history, but lessons must be learned. A full review is needed of this episode, so students of the future do not have to go through the same uncertainty about their education.