MOUNTAIN rescue volunteers helped two walkers who got lost whilst walking on the Cheviot Hills at the weekend.

Late on Saturday night, volunteers from Northumberland National Park and North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Teams responded to a call to assist a pair of walkers who, after descending Cheviot in poor visibility, became disorientated.

The pair quickly realized their mistake and contacted Northumbria Police, who then called mountain rescue.

The Northern Echo:

Northumberland National Park Team Leader, Iain Nixon, said: “Given the poor mobile signal, we only had limited information about their intended route."

Both mountain rescue teams were quickly put on standby and used a smartphone location tool called PhoneFind, which placed the pair between Wooler Common and the College Valley below Broadhope Hill.

The Northern Echo:

Mr Nixon said: “Once we knew their location, we set about deploying a hasty team in one of our team vehicles to Commonburn House whilst North of Tyne Team sent one of their land rovers towards the College valley.

“We were very grateful to have the assistance of the head keeper from the Lilburn Estates who helped us move to the walkers’ location in one of their argocat vehicles.”

After an initial medical assessment, the pair were given some additional warm clothing and evacuated back down the valley to a waiting rescue vehicle and then on to their car.