A KNARESBOROUGH man appeared in court today for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to bigamy.

Anthony Roberts, 59, of Market Flat Lane, Lingerfield appeared in Teesside Crown Court to hear the verdict.

It was heard that Roberts had married another woman without getting a divorce from the marriage he was already in.

Emma Atkinson, prosecuting read out part of a letter one of the victims had written.

She said: "How could you stand next to me on our wedding day making our vows when you knew you were already married and you were not free to marry me."

Judge Paul Watson QC said: "Cases in bigamy invariably have two victims.

"He pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity to a single offence of bigamy in August 2017, when you married knowing that you were already married.

"This is in some ways an unusual case - it is not a case which you were living with your wife at the time, there was not an ongoing relationship.

"I've decided that the proper sentence in this case - which would after a jury trial have been a sentence of nine months - is six months. That will be suspended for 12 months."

Roberts was also sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid work and will have to pay £250 towards prosecution costs that must be paid within two months.