AN audio guide of Richmond to help visitors understand the town’s history and enjoy what it has to offer has been relaunched in time for the summer holidays.

Members of the Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association (ORBTA) had been keen to produce an audio guide as an additional asset for visitors and were support by Colin Grant of Richmond and District Civic Society.

Colin worked with with Phil Upton and Allan Guy of Purple Creative Studio to revive and make accessible an audio tour that was researched, written and produced by Gillian Howells Creative Consultancy.

It gives an interesting look at the important buildings in the town and their history with stops at twelve key points.

Gillian, a former secretary of the Business Association, brings history alive, using various voices and sound effects to tell a fascinating story of Richmond, its traditions and some characters from its past.

The guide is accessed using a mobile phone to scan QR Codes on interpretation panels and leaflets around the town.

Richmond Civic Society also maintains the 34 building plaques around the town as well as a trail of interpretation panels.

The Society has produced a new leaflet that relates to the plaques as well as the panels. ‘QR’ codes have been added to the interpretation panels, which can be scanned with a mobile phone.

John McDonald, Richmond Civic Society Chairman, said: " We were delighted to be able to use the lock down period to produce three interlinked guides to the town.

"Firstly, the new, free Richmond town trail and plaque guide leaflet.

"To help bring the leaflet to life, we have been able to re-introduce the excellent 2009 Audio Guide to Richmond with the help of Purple Creative, and, for full measure, the guide to the 33 plaques we have installed on buildings over many years is now on-line.

"This is all great news for Richmond and for its visitors.”

Chair of ORBTA, Marcia McLuckie expressed her gratitude to the people who have worked to bring the guides up to date: “The audio guide and the leaflets are a real plus for Richmond and we are very grateful for all the work put in to getting it ready for the summer holidays. Colin, Phil and Allan have really helped ORBTA and Richmond by providing this guide for the many visitors who come to enjoy all that Richmond has to offer”.

The updated leaflet is available from the new Information Centre in the Market Hall and other outlets in the town.

The Town Trail Audio Guide may be accessed through the Original Richmond website –, go to the ‘Richmond Life’ tab.

Each of the 12 images has a short piece of audio to tell you more about the fascinating history of Richmond.

The Town Plaque Guide is also available on the ‘Richmond Life’ tab.

To use the QR Codes on the interpretation panels and leaflets around the town, via a mobile device you may require an App on your mobile to read the QR Code graphic.

Search for and install a QR Reader of your choice and when activated this would scan any QR Code and trigger the associated action.